About Achiteqt Studio

With our companies Achiteqt Mimarlık located in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey and our HQ Achiteqt Design Studio, Inc. located in USA, New York we are serving worldwide clients with interior and exterior architectural design projects.


With our team of architectural, engineering and sales and marketing white collar team and project based blue-collar workers who can reach to a total of 50 people, we served companies such as Asaş Aluminum, HOK, Doğuş group or Business Istanbul.


Our clients can be residentials or commercials. Franchise chains or smaller local businesses (clinics, restaurants, hotels) related to architectural and interior design projects ,stores.

We provide Design + Construction + Project management services from A to Z.

Our services;

·E-Commerce Online Design Services, Tiny Home Buildings, Prefabricated Buildings, Construction Products, Architectural Products, Furniture Collections.  

National and international market research and detailed feasibility reports specific 

for the Building Industry.

· Architectural product development

· Architectural design

· Architectural studies

· Static projects

· Conceptual design

· 2D + 3D Rendering

· Turnkey - Construction projects 

· On-site technical assembly service

· On-site commercial consultancy service

Other Companies and Brands: 
SAG Logo.png

SAG Property Investments

By analyzing your needs and demands, we are able to find your perfect real-estates and convert them to the property of your dreams.
Our biggest goal is not to find the real estate that is at first in the best condition, but to turn the Real Estate you like in the most suitable and valuable location and to turn it to your desired property.

After we have delivered your key to you, we present your real estate in a higher value in the market, depending on your budgets.

If you have a property to offer, if you are looking for your perfect property investment in Turkey, USA or Germany, we are awaiting your message. We look forward to find you the perfect real estate that we can work on to transform it in your commercial or home. 

You can visit SAG property Investments website to get more informations or contact us. 



Meet The Team

Mrs. Seda Akgun Gurtekin

Founder and Owner

Interior and Landscape Architect and Designer  | Architectural Designer | CAD | BIM | 

Leed Green Building Design Expert

Main founder and president of our company, Achiteqt Design Studio, Inc., has over 15 years of International Business and Design Management and has worked for several leading international companies and has founded, owned and directed 3 different international Business's within the last 10 years.

She studied International Business Management in Germany as well as Interior and Landscape Design in New York, New York, USA and is a licenced Interior and Landscape Designer in New York States, USA.


Her experiences and several certificates from various Architectural disciplines combined with several Autodesk and Leed Green Building Design together with her International Sales and Marketing backround, makes her a big asset for her team and her customers. 


Angela Fürth,

Real Estate Agent, München, GERMANY

"Achiteqt  Team   helps us a lot  to  present our customers  to visualize their future spaces with super talented  designers who  are doing  their job just great. They deliver excellent jobs just in time."

Image by Austin Distel

Austin Disel

Restaurant Owner,


"Achiteqt designed and created my 2nd and 3rd Restaurant's interior. They are absolutely stunning in taste, are reliable, powerful and very dynamic. We definately recommend them." 

Image by k u

Theodor Lundgren

Business Owner,

Harrisburg, PA,USA

This team created the interior and exterior design of our company and set up all our     working areas.   

Thanks to them, we were able to receive perfect results without having any trouble.   Our spaces  have  definitely  unique style, are ergonomic,    comfortable and luxurious looking - all at the same time. 

We'll  work  with them next time definitely again. 

Alice Edwards

Real Estate Broker,

San Fransisco, CA, USA

My clients loves their style in design and I've never seen so creative masterworks in floor plans with so much details included. In any other freelancer's or CAD design company's outcomes you'll never receive similar services quality and price conditions plus their system is really simple  to use.

I'm working with them on regular basis and I've never regret it. 

Zachary Clarke 

Real Estate Investor,

Cambridge, UK

We've worked  with Achiteqt in various projects within the last few month. Some of them were  commercial prefabricated buildings  and  there were many different sizes  of projects. At the end all of them were designed and delivered in a very creative way and on-time.

We totally loved the creativity of their work. We are very thankful and feel lucky to found them and got the chance to work with them. 

Who are our customers?

Our customers are construction companies, property owners, marketing managers, real estate agents, real estate brokers, real

estate investors, realtors, property managements companies, business owners, clinics, doctors, retailers and etc. 


Product Design, Interior Design and Prefabricated Building Projects

Coldwell Banker USA

2D and 3D Floor Plans, CAD Design Services

Valley, Light Steel Prefabs

Prefabricated Warehouse Buildings

Mercure Hotels

Mercure Hotels Interior and Exterior Design Projects


KIMPTON Hotels and Restaurant Projects


G KITCHEN Interior Design Projects

Century 21 Real Estate

Century 21 Interior Design Projects, 2D and 3D Floor Plans

Accor Hotels

Accor Hotels Exterior and Interior Design Projects, 2D and 3D Floor Plans, CAD Design Services