About Achiteqt Studio

With our companies Achiteqt Mimarlık located in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey, and our HQ Achiteqt Design Studio, Inc. located in the USA, North Carolina we are serving worldwide clients with interior and exterior architectural design projects.


With our team of architectural, engineering, and sales and marketing white-collar team and project-based blue-collar workers who can reach a total of 50 people, we served companies from various industries.


Our clients can be residentials or commercials. Franchise chains or smaller local businesses (clinics, restaurants, hotels) related to architectural and interior design projects, stores.

We provide Design + Construction + Project management services from A to Z.

Our services;

·E-Commerce Online Design Services, Tiny Home Buildings, Prefabricated Buildings, Construction Products, Architectural Products, Furniture Collections.  

National and international market research and detailed feasibility report specific 

for the Building Industry.

· Architectural product development

· Architectural design

· Architectural studies

· Static projects

· Conceptual design

· 2D + 3D Rendering

· Turnkey - Construction projects 

· On-site technical assembly service

· On-site commercial consultancy service

Who are our customers?

Our customers are construction companies, property owners, marketing managers, real estate agents, real estate brokers, real

estate investors, realtors, property managements companies, business owners, clinics, doctors, retailers and etc.