Concept Design 

Architectural Design Concepts for Exterior, Interior, Landscape,

Architectural Products

Material Selection 

In our material selection process the main goal is to minimize cost while meeting the product performance goals. We are performing a deep research, that is very project specific and requires long year experience to select the most ideal materials. 

If a systematic material selection procedure is not made properly, it affects the design of the product or component, making it very reactive for failure.

The ideal material selection is crucial to ensure that the design does fail in extreme conditions. 


Color concept and consultancy

Color concept phase is to choose the color combination that best fits the subject, demand, physical environment, marketing strategy, psychology, styleselection, application are and goal for your project. 

Depending on many aspects we try out the best color options for your specific project.


Idea Generation Phase

Our Idea generation process is where we are collecting and developing ideas, both abstract and concrete.

This is the first phase of innovation and in this phase we are collecting the biggest number of ideas possible, selecting the best one, creating the plan to implement our idea and we take our idea into the application.

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