What you'll get in this offer is: 

2D or 3D Floor Plans of your residential, commercial, industrial and portable or immovable vehicles. 


Size of Property:

There are in general 3 size options available for any kind of property except private portable properties, which has another class as the other other different options. 

For everything in size above these options, please contact us here or fill in the Enquiry Form. 


Residential real estate property means; Any property where people live, that a municipality design was permitted for single- and multi- family use, like apartments, co-operatives, townhouses, conods and any other place.

Commercial real estate property means; Property that is used for business activities, like for example malls, offices, grocery stores, office buildings, manufacturing and retail shops, hotels, restaurants, etc. 

Industrial real estate property means; Land and buildings that are utilized or suited to do industrial activities such as Manufacturing, Assembly, Warehousing, Production, Research, Distribution, Light Storage etc. 

Various Vehicles, Personal Property means; 

Car, Container or Combinations of Container ( there is a different section for Preofabricated house design and ready to buy products ), Caravans, Yachts, Planes and Jets, etc. 

Benefits of this services: 2D or 3D Floor Plans are providing detailed view of a real estate project and are giving property owners or interests the chance to visualize exactly dimesions and informations, that are not visible on any other documents like for example hand sketches. 

What is a 2D Floor Plan?

A 2D Floor is a top view of the real estate property's architectural design and it needs to be drawn by a professional. To be able to draw the 2D Floor Plan correctly, it requires architectural knowledge and also needs to be an expert user of CAD programs. A 2D Floor shows the layers of a space from top, without a view of a persperctive or depth. 


What is the advantage of having 2D Floor Plan?

The basic advantage of a 2D Floor Plan for is to give you detailed informations about rooms physical equipments, scale and measurements like for example that you can know which kind of window is installed, labeling of the rooms, doors and the most most important thing know actually are the scales to design the interior of the spaces correctly and with the right proportions. 


What is a 3D Floor Plan? A 3D Floor Plan is a layer of a property or space from the top, drawn in 3D perspective, so that everyone can visualize the space even easier and understand it's scale and layout better.


Why you need a 3D Floor Plan?

With a creative and professional drawn 3D Floor Plan, you will leave no doubt to any customer about the project and your lead will turn immediatly into a guaranteed sales. You can give customers much more ideas and let them visualize how the final results will look like before they invest their hard-earned money in that property. 


What is your delivery time?

You'll get your files within 3-7 working days after receiving the order. How long it takes, depends on what project details you gave us and if you provide us all necessary details on-time. For example, if you've choosed a 2D Residential Floor Up to 500 sq.ft. this won't take us more tahn 4 days to complete. Our avarage delivery time is 6 working days. But for a design a of an up to 5.000 sq.ft. Office Space in 3D, will take us max. 7 days. 


What means VEHICLE in your Service options list? 

VEHICLE means Tiny Homes, Containers homes, Caravan's, Yacht, A Jet Plane. That mean's you can also have a Floor Plan in a 2D and 3D Perspective of these Vehicles right away with only one mouseclick from experienced interior designers in these fields. 


What is, when I'm unsatisfied with your work?


We are sure of our capabilities and our expertise and therefore we have a 100% money back guarantee in our policy. So, if you are unsatisfied with our services and products, just write an e-mail describing your complaint and we will refund your money. Guaranteed. 


Interior Floor Plan from 2D to 3D

Property version
  • What am I getting after ordering this service?

    You'll get immediatly an E-Mail, where you can click and upload your files regarding your project. These documents can be images of the floor together with it's measurements or a hand sketch where we can see necessary informations. 

    What exactly informations do you need to complete the project?

    • Measurements. (Height, Length, Depth) 
    • Hand sketched Floor Plan
    • Images, pictures 
    • Material informations ( Windows, Floor, Doors, etc. )
    • If available CAD Drawings 

    Please keep in mind: The more information we have, the more detailed we can work on your project. 

    Will I get the Source File: Yes, you'll get the source file together with your other documents. 

    How will I get my delivery: You'll get your files digitally. They will uploaded to your account, where you can see them any time, anywhere and download them in file extensions as uploaded. 

    You'll also informed by E-Mail about your delivery. 

    Can I get them also plottet to my Mail address: Yes, you can get them mailed from our NYC based office directly to your mail address, but there are additional fees. Fees are set depending on where your address is and how many and what size of sheets you want to get delivered. Please click here to contact us regarding this subject. 



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