Our Online Interior Design Services 


are very simple to understand and the steps to buy these services online are even more simple. The steps are as you can see below.

It is a service for people or companies who have the measurements of their spaces or are able to get measurements of the spaces and who wants to get a professional and affordable interior design service online. 


1. ) Choose the size of your space or spaces

You send us your requirements and your measurements for your space or, if you have more than 1 or 2 rooms to design, you can also choose the size of your space. ( Apartment, Villa or Commercial, ... ) 

2. ) Choose your Style

you choose your styles that's fits your taste with deciding on some choices you'll see in the shopping form. This is one of the most important decisions to make to get the exact right outcome for your customized projects. So, please think about it very carefully, when making the choices of the pictures you'll see. 

If you need help or if you are not sure, which one you want to choose, you can call or write us; our designers will be there for you, to help you with deciding your styles or they will be able to help with any other questions.  

What you will get in this service is: 

Our Design Process:

  • Mood Board Presentations: A complete Mood Board Presentation with you, in an online consultation session. The time will be discussed with you separately, after you purchased this service. 

  • Avarage Presentation time would be within 2-3 weeks after purchasing this service. Please keep in mind that this service will require only as much time as as the size of your spaces requires. So, the formular is simple, the bigger your space is, the more time will be need. 

  • The right color selections: We choose the exactly right colors as per your requirements, your styles and the sizes of your spaces.

  • 2D Technical Design We convert your hand-sketched drawing into 2D Technical drawings with graphical enhancements and send them to as you as ready to read 2D Technical Floor Plans. 

  • 3D Visualizations: We convert your 2D Floor Plans into 3D Models, 3D Floor Plan Models and 3D interiors, where you can see exactly, how your space will look like, when it's been finished. The amount of these 3D Renderings depends on the sizes and numbers of the rooms.


Shopping Lists:

  • Floors: Choosing the right floor materials are one of the most important things with getting the right outcome, to let your rooms looking beautiful and get the most of the room's sizes. Researching for the best options for your spaces, with considering things like best options for your budget, local and internet options and if we need to choose custom designed or standard floor materials. 

  • Hardware selections:  We research and choose the right hardware materials for you, that you can buy online or in your local shopping center. 

  • Furniture selections: We choose the best, quality and designed furnitures as per your requirements, research for best options and prices, available discounts for furnitures in online shops and local shops near you. 

  • Your Walls: Choosing the most beautiful wallpaper, maybe a mosaic design or design something special for you is also one of the part in this process.

  • Choosing Doors and Windows materials: If there are selected materials for your for your space's interior and | or Exterior Doors like for example Fiberglass, Steel or maybe Wood materials that or if your space's windows materials are selected as Aluminium, Wood, uPVC, similar plastics or Glass Fibre-Reinforced plastics please keep in mind that, all of them needs to get a research separately for itself.

  • Staircases, if available and needed: Carpets, Tiles, Hardwoods, Steels, Glass or Laminated Staircases, every and each item is research by itself and we again choose out only the best quality products and prices for you. 


Online Interior Design Service for Residential Property

Size of the project
  • Is this service for a room or a house?

    No matter if your space is only 1 room or more than 1 room. Our services are offered depending on the size of your space and will be in sizes like under 500 sq, under 2500 sq, under 5000sq and above calculated. 

    How do I get my design?

    When I will receive my design? 

    I'm also in search with other services, that I couldn't find in your shop. Can you offer me other packages? We are able to offer you other services customized for you. In this case please send us your online enquiries over a simple form or with an e-mail. 

    There is no section, where I can upload the images of my room. How can I send them to you? 

    As soon as you have bought your services here, you will be able to upload files in your account in the section "my account", scroll down and you will see it. 

    Do you have other service packages than in your shop?

    Yes, we do have other service packages that are not visible yet in our online shop. Formore details you can just contact us to get more informations. 

    What happens exactly, after I proceed with the order of this service?

    You can find informations about the process of this ONLINE INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE right here. If you have more questions, you can write us an E-mail  or reach us by phone +1 347 625 85 60.



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